Driven And Debunked: 3 Myths About Chartered Buses That Simply Aren’t True

We’re living in an age of travel. Young people across the globe have effectively caught the travel bug, and are interested in going anywhere they might experience something new and exciting — or simply different. Unfortunately, plane ticket prices in the U.S. are still exorbitantly high; chartered buses offer an alternative and affordable way to see the country. However, there are some myths surrounding charter bus services that are deterring the young and adventurous from climbing onboard; let’s take a look at three of them.

  • The trip will take too long. Planes have one advantage to driving: they are much quicker. Worry may tell you that you’ll end up taking too much time on the road and will lose out on time spent in the actual destination. The fact of the matter is that chartered buses allow you to see things you might not have even known existed; after all, the surprises are always better than the planned events. Even better, you won’t feel rushed or anxious at any time — there will be no airport security, no sensitive timelines, and no large crowds.
  • Coach buses are uncomfortable. This is your trip, you decide what bus you’re traveling on! Coach seats are traditionally much larger and roomier than airplane seats, and luxurious buses come with a host of amenities; consider a beverage bar to stay refreshed, an onboard bathroom to improve comfort, and a sleeper bus to allow for naps.
  • Long road trips are boring. Coach buses these days come with a number of built-in conveniences. Many provide plugs and outlets so you can use your laptop or phone without worry, and complimentary WiFi is often included. Beyond the technology you’ll have at your fingertips, you’ll be able to watch as America’s most beautiful landscapes and sprawling cities pass you by outside.

The accessibility of motorcoaches and bus charters are profound compared to other ways of travel; there are approximately five times as many bus terminals nationwide as there are airports, and six times as many as intercity rail terminals. Coach buses can go where nothing else can. If you truly want to explore the beauty and culture of the U.S., coach buses and charter bus rentals can take you there.