Fun Road Trip Ideas to Keep You Entertained While Traveling

Traveling by bus on a road trip? Charter buses are a great method of transportation as they account for 751 million passenger trips annually, generate employment for 792,700 people, and have the potential to protect the environment by removing 55 autos from the highway for each bus on the road. Here are some great activities to keep your mind entertained while you are traveling.

Alphabet GameAlphabet Game pic

Pay attention to all the advertisements you see and find the letters of the alphabet in order during your ride. The only letters off limits are those inside your motor coach!

License Plate Game

Grab a blank map of the United States and keep your eyes peeled for each state’s license plate! The goal is to collect the most states, but the person must be able to read the name on the plate, not just identify it from the graphics.

Scavenger Hunt

Before the trip, develop a list of items you are likely to find while on the road. This list can be simple or complex, but it is a good idea to separate the hunt into different categories to make it easier for everyone involved. Good topics include animals, landmarks, vehicles, and landscapes. The first person to say out loud they found the item wins.

Make a Scrapbook

Every time you stop at a different location, collect pamphlets and postcards. Put everything into a cohesive book at the end of your trip, and you will not have any trouble remembering all the locations you saw!

Make a Food Passport

While you are out seeing the country, make sure to jot down all the fun food you tried! Mention where you got it, the name of the restaurant/cafe, and include a picture!

Cheesy Souvenir Contest

Have a contest with your friends or family to see who could find the cheesiest souvenir. Establish a dollar amount limit, and whoever grabs the craziest one gets to win them all!

Download a Podcast or Audio Book

Want to catch up on the news or re-visit your favorite book? Download them onto your phone before you hop on your bus and you’ll be all set to relax and watch the country pass by.

Bring Trivia

Trivia is a great way to keep yourself occupied, and it is easy to turn into a contest! Whoever wins gets to choose the next restaurant, gets first pick on snacks, or gets to have the window seat.

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