Governor John Kasich Goes on 7-Day Michigan Bus Tour

8186093_20160309_8924023The 2016 election season has been highly unusual, to say the least. And while it may be best to steer clear of politics, there is one unsung hero of the campaign trail that deserves its due: the campaign bus.

No matter which presidential candidate you’re backing in 2016, whether you vote red, blue, or somewhere in between, your candidate of choice is likely crisscrossing the country right now in a charter bus with his or her name on it, literally. This March in Michigan, Ohio Governor John Kasich has been travelling to Grand Rapids, East Lansing, Utica, Livonia and more local destinations as part of his latest charter bus tours.

For decades, the humble campaign bus has been an iconic sight on the campaign trail. As both a mode of transportation and a moving advertisement, it’s a practical, dependable way for candidates to travel. The BBC recently sent a reporter to spend some time with Hillary Clinton aboard her campaign bus, which is now dominated by women journalists.

“Much has changed since Timothy Crouse wrote The Boys on the Bus, his now famous chronicle of the press corps’ life on the 1972 campaign trail,” wrote reporter Kim Ghattas. “Thanks to the 24/7 news machine and constant social media reports, anyone can follow closely and feel like they’re in the bubble. But there is nothing more dramatic than observing the facial expressions of campaign aides in person as they try to project confidence, and to watch the mood turn when things feel like they’re slipping away or when victory is within reach. Or when insiders admit they were in the dark until the last minute.”

Then there’s the Ted Cruz campaign’s chartered buses, nicknamed the “Cruzing to Victory” fleet. So why has the campaign bus proved to be such an enduring fixture on campaign trails?

When Gov. Kasich decided he needed to re-focus his campaign on winning over Michigan voters, he announced a seven-day tour of the state on Michigan charter buses. In the week leading up to the March 8 primary, Kasich and a small army of volunteers travelled all over the Buckeye State by bus. Even in the digital age, candidates win over voters by meeting them face to face, visiting small towns, diners and churches. And for many candidates, there’s no better way to get in touch with their voters than by travelling on Michigan charter buses, glad-handing voters at every stop along the way.

For politicians who want to get in touch with Main Street America, there’s no better choice than the ease of bus travel. Here in the Buckeye State, our Michigan charter buses give passengers a front row seat to the United States of America.

Not only that, but coach bus transportation is just plain practical. Political candidates have been riding in them ever since the first horse-drawn buses emerged in the 1820s. Today, motorcoach buses provide 206 passenger-miles per gallon of fuel, compared to 92 mpg for commuter rails, 44 mpg for air travel, and just 27 mpg for cars. That makes them three times more efficient at reducing CO2 emissions compared to passenger trains.

So no matter where you’re going — on a school trip or all the way to the White House — our charter bus company can help you get there.