The Best And Worst Snacks To Bring On A Coach Bus Charter

Any lengthy coach bus ride calls for the right snacks and beverages to keep the whole group happy and healthy. When one motorcoach spends a single night at a destination, it can generate up to $11,660 for the local economy in meals, lodging, and other spending. However, if you aren’t staying overnight or making a stop during your trip, you will need to rely on packed food to keep your energy up. Know the snacks that work for these trips and the snacks that don’t, then hit the road well-prepared.

What Makes A Good Bus Snack?

When you’re traveling by bus, not every type of food will fare well on the trip. The best rule for snacking on a coach bus charter is to eat something that doesn’t get all over your hands and clothes. Individually wrapped or boxed sandwiches make for fairly neat meals on-the-go, as long as the ingredients don’t spill out of the sides. A lunch box with multiple compartments make a great container, as it can contain a sandwich, chips, and an apple or cookie.

Other good bus snacks are typically individually packaged, such as granola bars or string cheese. A treat like trail mix usually comes in a resealable bag and will have a variety of good ingredients, like nuts, dried fruit, and chocolates. Bottled water or juices are ideal for long bus rides, as they will hydrate you and have a cap that you can easily put back on.

What Makes A Bad Bus Snack?

You should always avoid bringing food on a bus that you need to prepare or cut, like a melon or steak. Taking food like these with you will only leave you with the greater challenge of also bringing the utensils and surfaces to cut them and having to do so in a moving vehicle.

Any meal that requires a fork or knife doesn’t mix well with a ride on a coach bus charter, including a simple salad. While you might find a salad healthy and refreshing, you’ll also find its many pieces and messy dressing a challenge to eat on a bus. Soup may also seem like a comforting and filling option, but you’ll quickly regret having to sip broth when your bus hits bumps and makes sharp turns.

Eating food on a bus seems like it should be simple, but it can easily turn into an impossible task if you bring the wrong nourishment. Keep your snacking choices simple when on a coach bus charter and you’ll arrive at your destination well-fed.