The Ultimate Field Trip Checklist (For Teachers And Parents!)

Whether this is the first field trip you’re sending your kids on or you’re an old pro at preparing the kids for a field trip, a checklist never hurts. There always seems to be one thing that you forget to pack or do beforehand that would have come in handy when you’re on the trip. Worry no more teachers and parents, here are checklists to make sure you and the kids have everything you need for a perfect field trip.

For Teachers

The organization of a field trip falls mostly on a teacher’s shoulders. Between booking the bus for field trip and making sure that you have everyone’s emergency contact information, some things can fall between the cracks. Use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need:

  • Packed:
    • Permission slips, signed and dated
    • Money for the trip’s expenses, or in individual bags for younger students
    • Packed lunches or lunch request forms
    • Contact information for the students and chaperones
    • Medication/Allergies forms
    • First Aid Kit
    • Materials for weather forecast and potential changes
  • Done:
    • Booked the bus for field trip and have driver information
    • Trip schedule that has also been sent to parents and chaperones
    • Submitted plan for students who are not attending
    • Notified other faculty of students who are attending

For Parents

Sending your child off on a field trip will fill them with excitement and you with some trepidation. While your child’s teacher should provide you with all of the necessary information about the trip schedule, emergency contact information, and whether they’re using charter buses, here’s a list of things to do and pack before your child gets on the bus for field trip.

  • Packed:
    • Lunch if they need it
    • Umbrella or rain jacket, depending on weather
    • Extra money for souvenirs or emergencies
    • Backup glasses or contacts
    • Medication for motion sickness
    • Camera, preferably disposable or inexpensive in case it is lost
    • Written list of emergency contacts
  • Done:
    • Talk to the teacher and chaperones to get the trip itinerary and to give them your contact information
    • Sign the permission slip and make sure your child turned it in
    • Talk to your child to ensure they have your phone number and know where they’re going

In 2012, students and seniors accounted for 50.2% of passenger trips provided by the motorcoach industry. Field trips give students the perfect opportunity to explore the world and discover new things. Make sure you’ve prepared everything you possibly can so that the kids have an easy and fun learning experience and call Cardinal Buses today!