There’s So Much to Look Forward To With Your Next Charter Bus Trip

Whether planning a school trip or scheduling a business outing, organizing travel can be a time consuming and stressful task. It’s one thing to find a way to physically transport large groups of people, but finding the most economical way to do so can also be a consideration.

Some people may choose carpooling, others long distance train rides, but the most cost-efficient and green method has proven to be chartered buses. Not only is it easy to keep track of large groups of people all together in one vehicle, but the low emissions are astounding.

Some alternative modes of transportation fall short in comparison to the efficiency of charter buses. Commuter rails, for instance, offer 92 passenger miles per gallon while domestic carriers average out to 44 passenger MPG; single passenger automobiles are responsible for a measly 27 passenger MPG. With motor coaches providing a whopping 206 passenger MPG, there is no contest in performance.

By offering the ability to transfer so many individuals at one given time, the environmental impact of charter bus trips trump all other ground transportation. Motor coaches have proven to be three times more efficient in reducing CO2 production than commuter rails and six times more efficient than local transit buses. For the environmentally friendly, this is a huge incentive; especially if business passengers have a focus on conservation, or you’re trying to instill a good principle in students.

Between the ease of use and efficient advantages, buses were able to aid travelers in a rough point in time. During the aftermath of the economic crisis, America was still in a state of restoration; looking for any opportunity for economically sound alternatives for most industries. Charter bus trips became a much more popular choice of transit, increasing bus travel rates by 7.5% from 2011 to 2012; in part due to the automotive industry being in shambles and the desire to avoid the ridiculous gas prices at the time.

When it comes to transportation, it’s difficult to find a more economical way to travel than with charter bus trips. Everyone conveniently placed in one vehicle, low gas emissions, and easy planning make for a great trip to any destination.