This Airline Is Trying To Seat Passengers In the Cargo Hold!

If present trends continue, then in 20 years time airplane seats will possibly look and function completely differently. Already, airlines are so desperate to squeeze a few more seats into their planes that one French company is trying to stuff passengers into the windowless cargo hold.

In previous blog posts, we’ve covered some of the top reasons our customers choose charter bus lines again and again. For instance, motor-coaches provide 206.6 passenger miles per gallon, compared to 92 for commuter rail, 44 for airplanes, and just 27.2 for a single-passenger car. Of course, people don’t book 751 million motorcoach trips a year because it’s a fuel efficient form of travel.

At Cardinal Buses, we work hard to make sure our customers experience all the benefits of bus travel. So why do so many people, church groups, organizations, and sports teams choose charter bus lines for group transportation? Because traveling on a charter bus is actually comfortable, even for people who don’t normally enjoy to travel.

Charter bus lines aren’t just the most economical way to travel, they’re also the best way to experience the journey. While people who live on the coasts might think our Michigan charter bus company is in flyover country, most Americans enjoy the sights and sounds they experience along their route. That’s why a single charter bus stopping over for just one night will inject up to $11,660 into the local economy thanks to lodging, meals, and other expenses.

Charter bus tours can also be specifically booked to accommodate your itinerary, rather than the other way around. For group travel, chartering a bus allows you to arrange transportation to every destination on every leg of your journey, and back again, without worrying about missed connections or delays.

Even better, charter bus lines won’t leave you with back pain from squeezing yourself into a tiny seat. Although it’s hard for many frequent fliers to believe, traveling on a motorcoach is comfortable and stress-free, with entertainment options, wheelchair accessibility, air conditioning, spacious seats, and more amenities.

At a time when consumers are lobbying the Federal Aviation Administration to make official laws about the size of airplane seats, it’s no wonder so many people are re-discovering the joys of coach bus transportation. If you’re arranging group transportation in 2016, you can count on the ease and comfort of bus travel.