Try These 5 Fun Games To Stay Entertained on Your next Charter Bus Trip

Going on a road trip can be exciting, but the long drive can sometimes be challenging. If you are using bus charter services, then you don’t have any of the responsibilities surrounding driving or navigation.  Next time you’re traveling by bus charter services and need entertainment, try one of these games with your family or friends.

  1. Road Trip Scrabble: A riff on spotting unique license plates, this game involves some wordplay and score-keeping. When you spot a license plate with random letters, create a word with those letters. For example, if you see “RSM74” you can say Rosemary. You can take turns between players, or just yell an answer out when you see a plate. Another person could challenge you by coming up with a longer word. When you have the best word, you get a point, and you can play to whatever you want.
  2. True or False: In this game, one player starts by telling a story from their past and can either tell the truth or embellish it with lies. The other players have to determine if they’re telling the truth. Each player gets two follow-up questions to sort fact from fiction. Every correct guess is two points, you can play to whatever number you prefer, and the loser has to tell a very truthful, very embarrassing story.
  3. Mad Libs: A classic word game that comes in different themes appropriate for children and adults alike, you can play Mad Libs on paper or on a smartphone. The standard booklets have you insert words into a pre-made story. For those more technologically-inclined, find a Mad Libs online generator or app that has you do the same thing. Have players alternate in providing random parts of speech and see what story comes out of it.
  4. I’m Going on a Picnic: This a great word game for kids to participate in too. The first player starts by saying “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…” followed by an object that starts with A. The next player repeats what the first person said, and adds something that begins with a B. The game continues from player to player as the group works through the alphabet. When someone forgets an item, they’re out of the game, and the last person able to recite all of the things they’re bringing to a picnic wins.
  5. 20 Questions: Another classic game, 20 questions is great for families and easy to play. One person thinks of an object, and the other players have a total of 20 questions to guess it. You can play this game with a point system to determine a final winner or take turns thinking of an object with no points assigned.

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