What are some Unbelievable Forms Of Public Transportation?

Buses date as far back as the 1820s. (These first buses relied on horses, instead of engines, to get around.) Since then, Americans and people all over the world have made great strides when it comes to transportation. However, progress and efficient transportation does not mean the same thing in every country. What are some of the strangest — but also most commonplace (in their country of origin) — methods of transportation?

You’re Going To Need A Little Patience To Ride In This Taxi

“In Vietnam, it’s popular for tourists to climb on the front of tricycle taxis to get a little tour of the city especially the Old Quarter of Hanoi and the lovely Hoan Kiem Lake,” according to Reader’s Digest. Citizens also use these tricycles, called cyclos, to navigate city traffic. Traffic can be so densely packed that riding a cyclo is actually much faster than traveling by car.

Can Trains Run On Magnets?

Magnetic trains in Shanghai, China can reach speeds of up to 268 miles per hour and cover distances of 18 miles or so in just minutes. The train, called the Meglev (short of magnetic levitation), glides along magnets to reach its top speed. “The speed is shown on a monitor in each car and is likely the most photographed speedometer in the world,” Reader’s Digest continues.

The Chicken Bus Is Really A Thing

This is not your typical yellow school bus. Although the bus may loosely resemble school buses (first introduced in the U.S. in 1939), the chicken bus is actually a charter bus. These bus charter services are famous all around the world. According to experts, it is “the budget traveller’s quintessential Latin American transport experience.” It is called the chicken bus because, in addition to human passengers, it may also carry chickens to and from the market.

Quality and efficient transportation may vary a great deal, from one company to the next. Whether you are riding unique charter buses, opting for lightning fast magnet trains, or relaxing a bit on a Vietnamese cyclo, chances are you’ll be making good time at your travel destination of choice.