Why Are Charter Buses the #1 Choice for Tour Groups?

Cardinal Charter BusesCampaign season is often a busy time for a charter bus company like Cardinal Buses. All year long, politicians, activists, tour groups, and grassroots organizers of all stripes plan trips around the country, and motorcoach bus transportation remains one of the most popular ways to travel. For more than 14 million rural Americans, motorcoach buses are the only viable form of intercity transportation, yet they’re equally popular among urban tour groups as well. Each year, this traditional form of transportation accounts for 751 million passenger trips.

Even so, our Michigan charter bus company is often approached by groups who aren’t familiar with bus travel and don’t realize how many amenities and comforts are available on modern charter bus lines. We’ve answered some of the most common questions below.

What’s the best form of transportation for tour groups?

There’s a number of reasons the world’s biggest rock bands, sports teams, church tour group, and even presidential candidates rely on Michigan charter buses when traveling in the Great Lakes region instead of going by rail, sea, or air.

Frankly, air travel is becoming more and more of a waking nightmare. It’s stressful, prone to delays, security checks, extremely uncomfortable, and — worst of all — it’s expensive. Railroad travel is almost as expensive as air travel today, and while it offers more comfort than air travel, it offers none of the flexibility that comes with charter bus lines.

If you want to travel in comfort and plan a custom itinerary that takes you exactly where you want to go, then tour groups only have one real option, and that’s chartering a bus.

Do Michigan charter buses come with WiFi? Can you even get WiFi on a bus?

Not all charter bus companies in Michigan offer wireless Internet on board, but our chartered buses come with fast and reliable WiFi and all the outlets you need to keep your devices charged on the way. If you want to stay connected while on the road, then make sure you find a charter bus company that offers free WiFi services.

What other amenities come on modern charter buses?

The best coach buses come with everything you need to travel in comfort on board a bus. In addition to WiFi and Internet for your group tours, Cardinal motorcoaches also come with up to 110 electrical outlets, AM/FM stereo, CD players, announcement/intercom system, climate control travel, DVD players, TVs, and more. And unlike on an airplane, you don’t have to pay extra for these kinds of perks.

Are cheap charter buses still comfortable?

Comfort is subjective, but compared to air travel, they’re absolutely more comfortable. Even cheap charter buses come with bathrooms, reclining seats, huge windows, air conditioning, and more modern amenities. Plus, coach bus transportation is much more comfortable for those with disabilities, wheelchairs, or anyone who needs extra space. If your tour group needs a form of transportation that can accommodate overweight passengers, then chartering a bus is your best option.

You don’t have to take our word for it either; motor coach bus transportation really is the most popular form of travel for tour groups. In 2016 America, there are five times as many motorcoach terminals than there are airports and six times as many bus terminals than railroad terminals. With the cost of fuel at rock bottom prices, it’s never been easier to find cheap charter buses that offer more amenities and comfort than you’ve ever experienced on the road before.