5 Advantages of Renting a Bus for Your Family Trip

Traveling with a group of friends and family can be stressful enough but there’s no reason to make it more so. That’s why so many people opt for bus rentals instead of flying. Both methods of transportation have their benefits but when it comes to traveling with more people than just yourself, renting a bus is the way to go.

For one thing, motorcoaches are responsible for 751 million passenger trips each year, which means that in some years, they move more people than commercial airlines do. Plus, charter buses have many more advantages.

No waiting in a security line

You know what it’s like to spend hours in a line at a security checkpoint when you’re flight is about to take off soon. There have been numerous reportings of the obscene wait time that airline passengers have to deal with when they get to the airport. When you rent a bus, there aren’t any lines or security checkpoints, which means you can get to traveling faster.

Your driver is a pro

Imagine driving your whole family yourself in an unfamiliar city with unfamiliar roads and parking. You’re probably stressed out just thinking about it, right? With a professional charter bus driver, you can sit back and enjoy your ride worry-free while they handle the traffic, parking, and other headaches of driving.


Yes, some airplanes offer Wi-Fi but how often do you actually opt for it? Not only is it ridiculously expensive to purchase Wi-Fi access on a plane but the service is often poor or spotty. The Wi-Fi on charter buses is typically a much better service than what you’d find on an airplane, meaning that you can stream, work, or Google your heart out on your trip.

Everyone travels together

You might be saying, “if you knew my family, then you wouldn’t list this as an advantage,” but consider the alternative. If everyone takes their own flight to your destination, people arrive in spurts and you can’t really do anything until everyone shows up. Moreover, flights get delayed or canceled, which can further postpone any fun upon arrival.

No baggage-fees

Airline baggage fees can be absolutely outrageous but with bus rentals, there are no baggage fees. Saving money is always an advantage. Don’t get stuck in a stuffy airport waiting for TSA to tell you that you’re all clear, opt for bus rentals instead and get to enjoying your trip sooner.