A Little History of Charter Bus Companies

Before the invention of gas engines and chartered buses, the first busing services utilized the tried and true horse drawn carriage, and were called “coaches.” During the English high middle ages, larger coaches, known as “stagecoaches” emerged. For more affluent citizens, these vehicles provided the primary means of long distance travel.


The first visual evidence of stagecoaches is attributed to a crude scrawling in a 13th century manuscript; however, the first officially recognized use of stagecoaches is dated to 16th century England, where they were used for the purpose of transporting patrons between cities. The average speed of these early stagecoaches is estimated to have been about five miles per hour. The term “coach bus” is derived directly from the term “stagecoach,” and the term is also used in the airline industry.


In the United States, the development of charter buses can be traced back to electric trolley buses, which first came into use during the early 1880s. Of course, a huge disadvantage of trolley buses was the fact that it relied on electric wires. As such, its use was relegated to city streets. Nevertheless, trolley buses are still used in Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, and, of course, San Francisco.


Today, the typical charter bus company offers an affordable and convenient alternative to small, medium, and large groups that are planning trips to specific destinations. Charter bus rentals are very popular among schools, senior citizen groups, cultural groups, churches, and organizations that are planning special trips.


Every charter bus company is different, but most of them offer various levels of amenities, the most basic of which usually include air conditioning, reclining seating, restrooms, and entertainment systems. There are also luxury bus charters that sometimes include food services and even complete bars.


A charter bus company is a practical option for groups that want to focus on the enjoyment of their trips, and would rather leave the responsibility of driving and navigating to someone else. The next time you are looking for charter bus services, please look to Cardinal Buses. We are #1 in service, safety, and reliability.  You’ll discover the difference that Cardinal Buses will make in your next charter bus excursion.


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