Intercity Transportation: Problems and Their Solution

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Although many 21st century jobs can be done from just about anywhere in the world thanks to the emergence of the Internet, millions of people still have to travel to and from cities across the United States. Whether you’re traveling from city to city for work, family reasons, or just to take a trip with some friends, intercity travel isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Here are a few issues with intercity transportation within the U.S. and what you can do in order to make your next trip to a nearby city less stressful.

Traveling can be extremely expensive

If you have to go out of town for a long weekend, for example, whether you’re taking a train, a plane, or driving yourself, you’re going to end up spending a significant amount of money. Travel costs alone can even exceed the total cost of a weekend getaway in some instances. Rail and air travel can cost a lot for a single ticket, but driving yourself can be just as expensive once you consider the gas, food, tolls, and other expenses. For people who have to travel multiple times a month, it can be extremely difficult to do so because of how expensive intercity travel has been.

You’re not always in total control of your trip

Another issue with traveling from city to city is the inconvenience factor. Since you’re not in 100% control of your trip (if you’re taking a plane or train), you’ll never truly know if you’ll arrive on time. There are so many factors that can result in a total change in travel plans and that can be a nightmare for people who need to be in a certain city at a certain time for work.

So what is the solution?

Charter bus travel is perhaps the best option to combat the high prices and inconvenience of plane and other forms of transportation. For more than 14 million U.S. residents, charter bus travel via motorcoaches are the only available mode of public intercity transportation service. Although traveling by air or rail can be quicker than taking a charter bus rental, there are many destinations that air and rail services simply cannot reach.

Charter bus travel is a much better option than the majority of intercity travel services out there. If you want to work with an experienced and professional bus charter service, contact Cardinal Buses today.