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Why Cardinal?

Safe and Reliable Motor Coach Rentals in Ft Wayne, Indiana

Motor coach rentals should be dependable

“It was such a relief to rent a motor coach from Cardinal buses. We knew we could count on them to provide a safe, reliable ride. We also knew that with Cardinal motor coaches we would get there and back on time” Yet another satisfied Cardinal charter bus rental traveler.

Reliability – or the unreliability - of charter bus rentals has turned out to be a huge problem. More often than not in recent times you've got to vector in extra time mainly because one can almost certainly count on some slow start or trouble along one’s journey.

This is not the case with Cardinal Buses. With locations serving Ft Wayne, IN, we pride ourselves on the safe practices and reliability of our motor coach rentals, regardless if we're simply taking you across Ft Wayne, Indiana or anywhere in the United Indianas – and even to Canada. All of our charter buses are driven by uniformed and experienced drivers. Our operators all have Commercial Driver’s Licenses and they receive continuous training and accreditation to guarantee your group’s protection. They are steadily reviewed by a full-time safety supervisor and no operator may drive for a shift in excess of 10 hours at a stretch. This makes certain that they are at all times compliant with state and federal motor coach laws. We even have a top rating and letter of recommendation from the Department of Defense upon their inspection of our operation.

Our motor coach rentals are all warranted the Cardinal charter bus experience. Therefore that means if you take a trip in our charter buses, you can be certain that your group shall arrive securely and punctually to your location in or around Ft Wayne. Your adventure is going to be safe and you will definitely be tended to with the Cardinal code of courtesy. Preventive maintenance is the key to our charter buses’ reliability and our skilled and certified team is there to assure the reliability of the buses and the relaxation of our clients.

This is not only about your comfort. Nor is it only about your safety. For us at Cardinal, it is the complete bundle. When you rent a Cardinal motor coach in Ft Wayne, IN, you have a guaranteed safe, reliable rental which will get you to your destination on time.

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