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Charter a Bus

Tips on Chartering a Bus

The key to selecting the right charter bus company: Ask the right questions!

Selecting the right charter bus services company can be hectic, but you can avoid a lot of headaches for yourself as well as your group members if you shop carefully and use these helpful tips on charterings a bus. Following are some of the questions you can ask any prospective provider of coach bus services. Any reputable charter bus company will be glad to answer them for you.

  • Ask to see insurance certificates. If the coach bus company is authorized for interstate service, the minimum liability coverage should be $5 million.
  • Look for proof that the motorcoach you'll be riding has passed a mechanical inspection in the last 12 months. Nothing can ruin a trip faster than faulty equipment. Most states issue decals that certify passage. Cardinal Buses maintains all of its vehicles in two fully equipped, state of the art garages, staffed by top-notch mechanics. You'll notice the difference.
  • All coach bus drivers must have valid, current CDL or "commercial driver's license." A CDL is not an ordinary driver's license, and it requires a great deal of extra knowledge to earn it. Surprisingly, some motorcoach companies have drivers that are not in compliance, and worse, may not have proper training or experience driving charter buses.
  • Ask about additional drivers and driver switches. Drivers cannot operate the coach bus for more than 10 hours a day, for safety reasons. Your charter bus company can help you plan your trip accordingly.

Charter Bus Services Rental Pricing and Package Costs

  • Ask how the price of the trip is determined. This can be according to miles or hours. Pricing will be different depending on your destination such as St. Joseph or Kalamazoo.
  • Discuss motor coach size and what level of luxury you want. In your discussions with the motorcoach company representative, be thorough in discussing your needs and any special amenities (such as handicap lift accessibility). This will avoid misunderstandings later.
  • Ask about policies for deposits, final payment, refunds and cancellations.
  • Be sure to find out about any add-on costs which may not be part of the bus charter package. These might be destination taxes, city taxes, special permits, etc. Be sure you understand the motorcoach company's policies pertaining to smoking, alcoholic beverages and carry-on food. Very often there is an additional cleaning deposit required for such items.
  • Ask about driver accommodations and costs. Make sure you understand how, or if, they're included in the package. The last thing you want is a "surprise" charge.

You can discuss any of these questions with your Cardinal representative. We're here to make your next trip something special!