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Why Cardinal?

Did you Know You and a Group Can Charter a Private Bus Rental With Cardinal Buses?

Chartering a bus is always a great choice when you charter with Cardinal Buses. Safety, efficiency, overall comfort, class, are just a few reasons why Cardinal Charter Buses is a great choice. But did you know that you can charter a private bus rental for a special occasion, or for your business? From family reunions to school trips, please read more about why Cardinal Buses is the answer for all of your private bus rental needs. 

Cardinal Bus Safety

Our private bus travel is safe for many reasons, as we answer to a higher level of safety than most charter bus companies. All of our bus drivers are tested and are highly qualified to drive the charter bus they are assigned to. Our drivers are also required to completed background checks so you can feel very safe with who is at the wheel. Our drivers stay with you along the entire trip as well ensuring that have a safe place to store your valuables when you get off the bus to explore. If resting is your objective, then not you won't have to worry about who is at the wheel.


Our private bus rentals are the epitome of comfort. If you are planning a long road trip and don't want to sit in a cramped school bus, or older charter bus, then our charter bus private rentals are the way to travel. Cardinal Buses prides itself in first class travel with highly comfortable seating arrangements, including reclining seating, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, television, and bathrooms to use at your convenience. There is even room for you to store your bags and personal belongings so you can stretch out.

Convenience: Ease With Group Organization

If you have multiple people going to one destination, it is vital that everyone gets there on time together. This makes sense to charter a private bus rental to ensure everyone arrives together and leaves as a group. our private bus rentals are great for business groups, convention and city hopping, family reunions, and sports groups! So sit back, and relax, Cardinal is on the way to your group.


Affordable traveling by charter bus is a great way to boost efficiency while saving money. It is one of the most cost effective, most reliable forms of transportation. Experience the Cardinal Bus Difference today. 

Relax in Style!

When you ride in style with Cardinal buses, you will not have to worry about a thing. Let your driver take over so you can sit back and enjoy the trip! Call us today to schedule your next charter bus trip. Please contact us or give us a call at 800-348-7487.