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Tips for Traveling with Children on Charter Buses

If the very thought of taking charter bus trips with your children makes you want to run to the dentist for that root canal work you've been putting off, we have some tips for you that should help make the trip much more pleasant.

First of all, Cardinal Buses, Inc. provides DVD players on all of our buses. Bring a new movie or one of your child's favorites from your home collection for hours of distraction. In addition, many of our coaches come equipped with electric outlets so that your child will be able to recharge the player if needed.

The outlets on our charter buses also will come in handy to recharge your child's iPod, hand-held video game, or other small electronic device.

For entertainment that doesn't require electronics, may we suggest that you put together a "goody bag" for each of your children that contain different coloring books, games, and nonperishable snacks and drinks. We do allow food and beverages onboard. However, all beverages must be in cans or boxes as we do not allow glass bottled drinks. We do provide you with trash bags for tidying up.

As you choose toys and games to bring for your child, always keep in mind that you and your children will be surrounded by other passengers. If your child brings a hand held video game, be sure to bring headphones or ear buds so that the bells, whistles and other sounds video games make won't irritate fellow travelers on your charter bus trips. The same recommendation goes for DVD players, laptops, iPods -- anything that makes a noise, including toys and games.

All of our coaches are equipped with clean and safe rest rooms. We recommend you accompany any child under the age of 7 to ensure his or her safety (buses can sway from side to side a bit while on the road). We also provide hand sanitizers in each rest room to ensure your child's hands stay clean after using the facilities. You may also want to include some baby wipes in your bag, just in case.

Traveling on charter buses with your children can be a great way for a family to bond and make some wonderful memories. We look forward to seeing you and your family onboard.