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Why Cardinal?

Charter Bus Services Perfectly Suit University/College Tours

A First Class Bus Company

Cardinal Buses is a first class bus company that provides transportation services to individuals or groups who go on tours, field trips, and other similar excursions. Cardinal also offers charter services to several universities and colleges like Valparaiso University, Grand Valley State University, Aquinas University, Bethel College, Manchester College, Michigan State University, Ferris State University, and Western Michigan University. The company is a nationwide chartering service so passengers can choose to visit any university or college of their choice.

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A bus company can take prospective students to universities or colleges to explore the campuses before plunging into college. Students can also use college tours as a basis for choosing which university or college to attend. College tours normally include a guided campus tour where the prospective students are introduced to the different departments and facilities of the college. This will give students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the college's amenities like the bookstore, student housing or dining area. An information session will inform prospective students about financial and academic requirements.

Popular Colleges and University Tours

One of the most popular college tour destinations is the University of Notre Dame. Prospective students can choose from two different tours when employing the services of a Notre Dame charter bus. Public tours are meant for groups with less than 10 people while private tours can be arranged for larger groups, or those groups who prefer a schedule other than the ones arranged by Notre Dame. Aside from the common areas like the dining hall, gym, and bookstores, there are more interesting places to tour at Notre Dame. Some examples of this are the 230-feet neo-Gothic Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, the Hesburgh Library, and the Main Building. Although a Notre Dame charter bus can easily transport visitors to the college, proper coordination with university authorities is needed. It will also help if our bus company is aware of which stops you wish to include during your tour of Notre Dame. Assistance from a tour company of your choice will also greatly help Cardinal Buses in arranging such stops.

The Golden Dome at the University of Notre Dame

Additional Transportation Services...

Cardinal Buses also provides transportation services to athletes and academic personnel of universities and colleges. For special events, one must not choose just any ordinary Notre Dame charter bus; one must choose only the safest, most luxurious and comfortable --- a charter bus from Cardinal Buses.

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