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Why Cardinal?

Cardinal Goes Green! 

Over the past year, we have been involved in the green program offered by the University of Vermont called the Certification for Sustainable Transportation (CST). Cardinal Buses has participated in the CST EcoDriver and Idle Free Certification programs though onsite driving training and through offsite training provided through an online program portal. All of us at Cardinal Buses have been working hard to support and train each of our drivers and certify our vehicles.Cardinal Charter Buses has recently completed a Certification for Sustainable Transportation at the University of Vermont. At Cardinal, it is always in our best interest for the personnel of our company, the  community in which we live and the world’s environment to provide affordable travel options all while reducing our carbon footprint while we are out on the road. Therefore, we take great pride in completing a "green certification" program.

It is never an easy solution to stay ahead of the fold and in most cases it is not an economical solution, but Cardinal buses feels the investment in the community and to help secure a “healthy” globe for the present population and for the future of our families and children is an essential piece to thriving in the transportation business. Safety, customer service and environmental sustainability are amongst our most important business philosophies.

The University of Vermont's CST program was created in 2012, and has since offered environmental sustainability training to over 50 travel companies throughout 26 states through an eRating certification program. The eRating certification measures a variety of factors including the use of low-emissions technology, use of alternative fuels and power sources, and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions per passenger mile that each company's vehicles produce.

While the program is open to transport companies with any eco-friendly vehicles, CST has noted that buses, such as the coach buses owned and operated by Cardinal Buses, tend to be the most efficient vehicles on the road. This certification and eRating for their fleet of charter buses brings a deep sense of pride and satisfaction to the team at Cardinal Buses and is a reflection of how we like to do business!

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