3 Reasons Why Bus Travel Is Better For The Holidays

Everyone knows the chaos of traveling by plane for the holidays. Flights are constantly delayed or canceled, there are masses of frustrated passengers, and in the instance you can actually get on a plane, they’re packed and uncomfortable. While traveling by bus may not be a possibility for those who have to travel long distances, it is a perfectly good option for those going to closer destinations. Discover these benefits when you travel by bus instead of plane or train this holidays season.

Fewer Delays And Cancellations

The unpredictable weather is the main thing that interrupts so many flights during the holidays. While planes cannot fly during any adverse conditions, buses are more likely to go out in slightly poor conditions. Of course, they won’t go out in storms or any conditions that would put the safety of the passengers at risk, but there are typically fewer delay and cancellations than planes. As compared to driving yourself, professional bus drivers will have the right experience to get you safely through the storm while you can sit back and relax.

You Can See The Countryside

When you’re traveling in the air, all you can see is sky and clouds. When you travel on the ground, you’ll be able to see the cities, towns, and countryside you pass on the way to your destination. Being able to look out the window and see interesting things as you drive by is imperative for those who can’t fall asleep while riding transportation or for those who get motion sick when reading something they brought. Many people tend to bring a tablet or smartphone to watch a movie or TV show, but if you forget to pack those you’d be out of luck.

More Environmentally-Friendly

Compared to other forms of transportation, motorcoaches emit the least carbon dioxide per passenger mile. Planes use an immense amount of jet fuel, and if you’re not traveling a long ways that fuel usage isn’t worth the short distance. When you drive yourself, you’re not only using more fuel but you have to pay for that fuel. Traveling by bus tends to be the most inexpensive option of transportation in general, and you’ll save even more when you don’t have to constantly fill up your car with gas.

This holiday season, consider booking a bus for travel instead of your usual form of transportation. You’ll see these benefits and possibly find a new form of transportation for all of your traveling needs.