Trip Tips: What You Need To Do For Your Class’s Next Bus Trip

As the school year gets started, and you are gearing up to take the kids in your class on a trip that they’ll remember for years to come. Whether you’re taking them to a sports game, a historical house in town, or for an overnight adventure at the aquarium, there needs to be plenty of planning involved so that the excursion ends in success. Follow these tips, and you’ll create an enjoyable time for the students, chaperones, and even yourself.

Book Charter Bus Transportation

For any trip you’re taking, you will need to pre-book charter bus transportation so that the parents can sign off on it. Make sure that they have all of the schedule and contact details of the trip well ahead of the day you actually travel. If the drive is going to be a long one, consult with the driver about the stops you will need to make and where those will be. Be sure to communicate all of your needs. If you think the students will need to buy food at a rest stop, the driver needs to know they will have to stop somewhere specifically for that, as some rest stops will only have bathrooms and no food options.

Pack Anything And Everything

When traveling with children, you have to pack for needs both known and anticipated. Bring a first aid kit filled with items like bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, Neosporin, kid’s Tylenol, and general allergy medication. There’s bound to be one or two students who get motion sick easily, so make sure to have those kid-friendly medications on hand and some extra plastic bags just in case. Pack extra water and snacks, in case there are complaints of grumbling stomachs, and extra blankets and pillows in case the bus is chilly. Last, make sure to bring some fun things to do with a joy bag packed with games and activities.

Lay Out The Rules

Kids tend to get overly excited at the idea of a school trip, so be prepared for high energy and some unruliness. Remind your students of standard bus safety rules, such as not putting their heads or hands out of windows and not roughhousing. Seat belts are to be worn, so let the kids know that they have to wear them while the bus is moving. While it is an important safety precaution, it will also prevent the kids from getting up and walking down the bus aisle while it is in motion. For the entirety of the trip, have a buddy system that the kids know they have to follow. When kids are accountable for the whereabouts of a classmate, it reduces the chance that anyone gets lost during the trip.

Using charter bus transportation not only makes for an enjoyable class trip but also boosts up the nearly 3,400 small businesses that primarily make up the motorcoach industry. Give charter buses your business, and create a memorable adventure for everyone involved.